Deferred retirement option plan calculator

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Computing the Value of a Deferred Annuity (Retirement)

DROP Calculator Spreadsheet — DROPCalculatorforWebsite-VariableTermandRate. The spreadsheet was created in Excel 7.

Deferred Retirement Option Plans (“DROP” Plans) | Employee Benefits Legal Resource Site

This interactive spreadsheet can assist you in estimating the amount you can accumulate under the Deferred Retirement Option Program DROP. To use this spreadsheet, open it in your browser or download it to your computer. If you have Excel and your browser permits, you may be able to use the sheet within your browser by simply left-clicking on the link above. If not, you may right-click on the link above and save the file to a folder on your PC, where you can open it within Excel or another spreadsheet program if the file is accepted by the program.

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When the worksheet opens, enter the amount of your estimated monthly retirement benefit, the number of months you expect to participate in the DROP maximum of 60 for police officers and 96 for firefighters and any interest rate of your choosing in the X. Based on the information you enter in the white boxes, the spreadsheet will automatically estimate the amount you could hypothetically accumulate in your DROP account, using the criteria you entered, and display the result.

You may save your worksheet results locally.

The DROP accumulator will be based on the figures you enter in the three white boxes. There is no guarantee that your actual account balance will equal the hypothetical balance calculated in this worksheet for the following reasons: DROP Calculator DROP Calculator Spreadsheet — DROPCalculatorforWebsite-VariableTermandRate Instructions: Upcoming Events Regular Meeting — CHANGED TO JULY 12 July 12 2: Coastal Hazard Statement Issued: A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible.

deferred retirement option plan calculator

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