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One way to achieve progress in the field of the Forex market, upgrading the knowledge and learning new strategies, is to confront with other traders on specific platforms, born for this purpose. In order to achieve this, there is no better solution than to take part in the Forex Forums, which are real comparative platforms, consisting of a large community of international users who to interact with.

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Obviously if you want to get as much information as possible, you should get in touch with American communities and, therefore, communities in English language, so you can interact with a great breadth of users from all over the world. Below is a list, where there are the 10 Best American Forex Trading Forums, that you are recommended to consult.

This is the official forum of MetaTraderthe most widely used Forex trading platform in the world.

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Here you will find threads that deal with various topics, such as the technical and the fundamental analysis of american forex forum market, comparisons on the economic trend and guides to take your first steps. Right binary options trading signals franco is also the Italian version of it, but obviously if you attend the English one you will have the opportunity to come into contact with users from around the world, deepening some american forex forum that are absent in the Italian version.

The Trader FX: Top 10 Forex Forums

It boasts more thanmembers, including a high percentage of experts, through which you can get highly professional information. Forum run by its founder Michal Kreslik, whose peculiarity is to be divided into several sections, including one for trading strategies.

Here you can follow live the evolution of pairs of changes in the Forex market, commenting in real time.

american forex forum

It has 30 million users, which make it possible to deepen your educational deficiencies, both for beginners and for the more experienced. Frequented mainly by Australian investors and traders, here various topics are discussed, ranging from derivatives up to resources and strategies. Get the latest articles, news, analysis, technical analysis to start making Forex Trading is to improve your trading.

american forex forum

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