Stock for hi point carbine

By: wargen Date: 24.05.2017

High Tower Armory is working on a bullpup conversion kit for the unlikeliest of pistol-caliber carbines, Hi-Point rifles. The kit shortens the overall length of the gun while giving it a welcome makeover.

Hi-Point carbines are uncomplicated, easy to find and generally inexpensive. Hi-Point carbines are chambered for 9mm Luger,. These carbines are simple and have a good reputation for reliability and durability. Not only will this kit add functionality to the base rifle, it gives it a much more sleek and modern appearance.

It could be a solid improvement to a carbine that performs beyond its price point. A pistol-caliber bullpup makes a lot of sense for home protection, in addition to being a fun plinker or brush rifle.

The shortened length makes it easier to use in tight spaces, which is one of the main reasons to get a bullpup in the first place. But being chambered for pistol cartridges is another advantage as they make much less noise, indoors especially, compared to more powerful rifle cartridges.

Carbines also give shooters the option of using much hotter ammo than they would normally use in a handgun. This bullpup kit bridges the gap between pistol and intermediate-caliber rifle. With their longer barrels carbines also offer superior ballistics compared to the same rounds fired out of handguns.

Hi-Point Firearms: 9mm Carbine - Black

Hi-Point now manufactures magazines with up to round capacities. High Tower Armory might even feel the urge to get into making their own improved Hi-Point magazines.

And if it looks as good in real life as it does in these drawings then it will probably make brand new Hi-Point owners wig out of even more. This kit is a great idea, also like the thought about adapted extended mags. I have a redball 20rd and it appears that in the design photo HTA would shorten the mag well and make it less functional with my after market mags because the redball mags have a plastic molding in the middle that inserts up to the bottom of the pistol grip making them more stable.

Great idea, with some concerns.. I own the carbine, and knowing how it functions inside, I am concerned about all the long rods for the trigger, safery and mag release. All that linkage, making it more complicated may as well affect its reliability. Red Ball makes a 20 round clip for the ts and it works great. Bought mine months ago and have fired over rounds with no FTFs. It looks like they shaved maybe 3 or 4 inches off the stock, but moved the trigger 10 or so inches forward.

If they make them to take glock mags. Hey guys great article! Does anybody have the answer to win the stock may be available?

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I just got a high point carbine and a longer top rail. Can i get on a waiting list for purchase??? I would love to get one early and test it out. If so i will definitely buy one.

Rifle Parts for Hi-Point | eBay

Think about the money: Kel-Tec sub 9mm, 40 ; Beretta Storm carbine 9mm, 40 ; CZ scorpion evo 9mm, Thureon 9mm; Judge tactical , All under the price of this kit plus the gun. On their website they sell the 22 ROGER kit for plus whatever that rifle runs? With the far improved Hornady expanding FTX ammo it is far better than with FMJ ammo.

It has twice the muzzle energy of the pistol caliber carbines, and fires fairly cheap FMJ ammo for target practice. With proper magazines a very deadly lightweight rifle that is a joy to shoot. However, a carbine in the same round as your carry pistol is a fantastic combo. Not many people carry a hand gun in. Had one ,reloaded myself and used it for deerhunting.

stock for hi point carbine

Now I have the ts and Taurus Because the Chiappa M1 Carbine replicas that shoot 9mm are complete crap every review I have read…. I will buy two, one in 9mm one if. No if you already own any of the high point call. You have to buy both..

No the people that make the kit posted in here and say total gun and kit so gun kit and maybe less. I have never considered a Hi-Point anything before I read this article.

I think that it could be a good deal of fun!

They would sell off the chart if they made that happen. If prices at they will sell some, tons of the trigger is good. What a great idea. And now the trigger is even worse than before. Im sure they will sell like hotcakes. Yes it does seem like a good idea, but as usual the execution is flawed.

Come on, few are going to cough up the cash. Hi points sell because they are cheap, with this stock, your in the same price range as a Beretta Storm. A weapon that takes a double stack mag. Somewhere there is a purpose being defeated here. They may be too proud of this stock kit by far. Why buy a Ford Focus and put a Lincoln body on it. Good idea, crazy price. I have had a Hi-Point 9mm carbine wrapped in the ATI stock very similar to the Beretta Storm in appearance for about 7 years now.

I am in no way a Hi-point fan, but I have been impressed with the simplicity of this little carbine. You knock off the goofy looking stock and set it up right, and it really will preform. If these kits come out as rendered, ill probably end up with a second one….

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