Html select option jstl

By: mumu Date: 23.05.2017

I am using one JSP page for insert and update. When I am editing the page how can I set selected value to drop down where selected value will come from database. Provided that you've prepared the selected department as follows:.

html select option jstl

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java - Set HTML dropdown selected option using JSTL - Stack Overflow

Join them; it only takes a minute: Selected value for JSP drop down using JSTL Ask Question. Any help is highly appreciable. BalusC k Provided that you've prepared the selected department as follows: How can I retain HTML form field values in JSP after submitting form to Servlet?

html select option jstl

Then it that case I should have two request request. Did you face a problem while trying that?

Nope, it works like a charm. If you don't mind using jQuery you can use the code bellow: Uri 8 Thanks Uri, I will try this. This approach fails if JS is disabled. Uri Here how can I specify servlet class?

Because for my datatable I am using a servlet, I would specify another servlet controller for select component. Polppan do you mean how to refer to another Controller from you JSP page? I think this question should have a different post I think above examples are correct. I tried the accepted answer, it did not work.

Spring MVC dropdown box example

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java - JSTL html select and options: cannot find bean under name - Stack Overflow

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